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Get the most searched Fax Numbers where you can send your documents, forms and fax messages to USAA, AT&T, Metlife, Cigna, Kroger Pharmacy, Google, GEICO, Progressive, Unemployment Office, Fedex, IRS, EDD, Quest Diagnostic, Equifax, Bank of America, Labcorp, Food Stamps, Express Scripts, Full Sail University, OPTUMRX, Quicken Loans, Walmart Pharmacy, and CRA.

Select the from the following company fax number or use the fax numbers search-box to find the company fax number:

USAA Fax Number
AT&T Fax
Metlife Fax Number
Cigna Fax Number
Kroger Pharmacy Fax Number
Google Fax
GEICO Fax Number
Progressive Fax Number
Unemployment Fax Number
Fedex Fax Number
IRS Fax Number
EDD Fax Number
Quest Diagnostic Fax Number
Equifax Fax Numbers
Bank of America Fax Number
Labcorp Fax Numbers
Fax Number for Food Stamps
Express Scripts Fax Number
Full Sail University Fax Number
Quicken Loans Fax Number
Express Scripts Fax Number for Prescriptions
Express Scripts Home Delivery Fax Number
Express Scripts Pharmacy Fax Number
Walmart Pharmacy Fax Number
OPTUMRX Fax Number
CRA Fax Number

How to Send a Fax Without a Fax Machine?

Watch this video to learn how you can send a fax document without having a fax machine:

Sending Fax Instructions

When you are sending a fax document, to any company, it is important that you add a cover letter that explains the attached faxed documents or forms, and what you wish that the company’s agent will do with it.

Please also make sure you add to this cover letter the best ways to communicate with you, your mobile number or main phone number, enabling the company’s agent to contact you if needed.

Also be advice to look at the list of fax numbers for the company you wish to send a fax, as each company might have several fax numbers depending on the matter itself.

Fax Numbers

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