GEICO Fax Number

GEICO Fax Number is 516-213-1484 to send documents, letters, and forms to GEICO corporation in Washington, District of Columbia. This is GEICO main fax number, but you should be using the following fax numbers for specific requests and matters:

GEICO Personal Injury Protection Fax Number 516-213-1484
Massachusetts Car Insurance Fax Number: 866-955-3146
GEICO International Fax Number: 0049 0631-41463299
Auto Injury Solutions Fax Number: 866 257-2323
Prizm Fax Number: 856-596-6300
Geico Cancellation Fax Numbers:
Geico California Cancellation Fax Number: 866-355-4593
Maryland: 1-855-807-9341
Pennsylvania: 1-855-807-9341
Virginia: 1-855-815-1061
District of Columbia: 1-855-807-9341
Arizona: 1-866-238-5106
Texas: 1-855-814-4058
Oklahoma: 1-855-814-4058
Iowa: 855-814-4058
Geico Florida Cancellation Fax: 877-294-8178
Gieco Cancellation fax number Washington State: 866-238-5106
Geico Auto Alabama Fax Number: 877-854-5760
Geico Illinois Cancellation Fax Number: 855-810-0642

GEICO Fax Instructions

When you are sending a fax to GEICO, using this GEICO Fax Number (516-213-1484), please make sure to add a cover letter explaining the attached faxed documents and what you wish that GEICO agent will do with it.

Please also make sure you add to this cover letter the best ways to communicate with you, your mobile phone number or main phone number, enabling GEICO to contact you if needed.

What is GEICO Fax Number?

GEICO Fax Number main fax number to send documents and forms to GEICO is 516-213-1484.

What is GEICO Fax Number?

GEICO Fax Number main fax number to send documents and forms to GEICO is 516-213-1484.

How to Send a Fax to GEICO without a Fax Machine?

Watch this video to learn how you can send a fax to GEICO without having a fax machine:

GEICO Mailing Address

Below you can find GEICO mailing address to send mail:

Street: One GEICO Plaza
City: Washington
State & Zip: District of Columbia 20076-0001

GEICO Website

What is GEICO Website? is an independent website that provides free information for GEICO Fax Number and additional information for more companies. This website is not associated or affiliated with GEICO, or/and state or federal agency, office, or board.

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